The younger generation, our Millennials born around 1980-2003, are the first true computer generation with information coming at them all day from around the world and social media at their fingertips. They have also experienced profound movements in life and society through globalisation and political and economic change. Add that they have often been raised thinking participation is what's important and everyone gets a trophy whatever the result, our Y/Z generation find themselves in a confusing environment without necessarily knowing why or how to manage or work in it.  
MML Education Services focus on helping our young people with their skills in communication and behaviour as well as appearance and image so that they stand out from the crowd and have the edge. Vital in this world of no jobs for life and difficulties which include living at home longer and getting on the housing ladder.  
We offer workshops and training to students and those supporting them to build on their strength of character and: 
raise the understanding of what's happened and is happening in society today which has affected the wellbeing, confidence and future of our young people 
equip tutors, teachers and managers of apprentices & interns to develop their skills in guiding our young people toward achieving more for themselves, their community and future employers 
ensure our younger generation know how to present their best selves, to know who that is and inspire them to make positive changes 


It has been acknowledged that we oftern shield our young people from failure which affects their ability to gain resistance and achieve in their own right. It is vital that they are treated with dignity and respect and enabled to stand up to the challenges of life.  


Whilst everyone is an individual, there are common themes when it comes to managing our young people so that they develop and grow in endurance with a strong aptitude and attitude. Tutors will expand on their strengths and skill sets to benefit their offer to students and assure parents that their children with develop into well-rounded and capable individuals.  


87% of management positions are being won by Millennials. It is critical that they are given the opportunity to develop their skills in Personal Brand and Executive Presence which includes strength of character and attributes in communication, behaviour and appearance.