The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness 150 150

The pursuit of happiness and wellbeing is not new, humans have pursued these goals in various ways for millennia. While the pursuit of these goals might be considered as important for our kind of society as any other, it could be noted that as a society we are not successful in achieving these aims. Many people do not feel fulfilled or happy; stress levels are high and many find building, let alone sustaining, long-term meaningful relationships difficult.

Far from feeling fulfilled people often struggle to find meaning and success in their professional and personal lives.

It is for reasons such as these that governments (among many other organisations) have come to realise that the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing is not something that can be left to chance but constitute elements of a good life that requires nourishing and cultivating. As a measure of how seriously issues of wellbeing are taken today, the World Government launched an event in February 2018 ‘dedicated to the advancement of human happiness around the world’ and which stressed ‘the imperative role of governments in achieving elevated levels of happiness worldwide’ .

Establishing what makes people happy and experience wellbeing is widely debated , as are the means by and through which these are to be achieved. Solutions have been sought by finding ways to mitigate the stress people experience in our highly individualized, competitive societies. Some people build resilience by learning to live life in the moment. Others promote wellbeing and health through better exercise, nutrition or by expanding their spiritual horizons.

Marianne Muir, as an organisation is committed to helping people develop a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment, and by so doing promote happiness as a goal. Our approach differs from that listed above in several crucial ways. It places emphasis on the development of a set of crucial life skills which, when mastered, will enable people to become what we call Your Personal Best, that is, the authentic self they aspire to become. As an organisation, we believe that the skills required to build Your Personal Best can be developed by cultivating three key components pertaining to the way a person interacts with the world around them. We are interested in helping people develop their behavioral skills, their communication skills and refining their appearance. By developing these we enable people to build what we call their Personal Brand and through this develop their Executive Presence.

Working Groups on Developing Frameworks and Guidelines on Assisting Governments in Adopting Happiness and Wellbeing in their public policy include; how the government can design for happiness and wellbeing; the latest technologies; policy frameworks; global lessons; science; education and hope and happiness for a better future.

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