We live in a world where image can be seen as everything. The trouble is, rather than recognise and celebrate the beauty of individuality, so many of us fall into a trap of believing we need to fit a mould. 
This is where the Body Image Movement comes in. 
An internationally recognised movement founded by Taryn Brumfitt, the Body Image Movement is on a quest to end the global body-hating epidemic. 
Its message is that “everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability.” 
Don’t change your body. Change your attitude. 
Heavily-filtered images on social media along with air-brushed perfection in the pages of our glossy mags mean that many people – men as well as women – have an unrealistic idea of beauty. 
Weight and shape, flaws and imperfections, are all erased from these pictures making those of us looking at them feel self-conscious of our perceived inadequacies. 
This can impact on us physically, socially and psychologically. 
I am by no means immune from the societal pressures to look perfect. 
But I have learned that body image issues stem from deep-seated low self-esteem. 
And the key to tackling this is to achieve balance in your life. 
You have to learn to accept things you can’t change. Learn to love things about you that mark you out as special. And to celebrate the journey your body has been on – as it develops and changes whether through age, pregnancy, illness, activity. 
Learn to love yourself 
We are all different and none of us is perfect. 
We all have defects and shortcomings. But we all have things about us which make us beautiful, interesting and unique. 
The Body Image Movement revels in the beauty of the human form. It champions diversity and helps us to focus on what is important in life. 
It also teaches that you can be healthy no matter what size you are. 
I believe feeling comfortable in your clothes and maintaining good health is the best way to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. 
It is this, in part, which led me to develop my business and is why I am also part of an organisation - Happy People Solutions – promoting healthy mind, image and nutrition. 
Negative thinking can destroy you from the inside out. 
So, join me in the crusade to stamp out body loathing. Work with what you’ve got! Not against it. 
I hope that you consider coming to my event on April 19th to learn more about the Body Image Movement. Learn more about it at https://bodyimagemovement.com/
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